Watch This Before Committing to a Top Active Fund Manager

Recently, I get asked a lot by different people whether it is a good idea whether to dollar cost average (DCA) into Ark Innovation ETF (ARKK).

If not, whether should we invest directly in ARKK or invest via Nikko ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund.

I think Cathie Woods need to take a bow for the great performance that she put up. However, I feel that if you only DCA into her funds, you are taking a bet that this disruptive trend is at the very least very dfferent from in the past and what her ETFs have done is special.

Chances are she will not be the only star active manager that are caught in the middle of media attention.

However, if you are thinking of basing a huge chunk of your portfolio allocation, perhaps you can review this video by Ben Felix:

Ben Felix take us down memory lane and study the original “growth fund managers” in the 1960s Tech Era and a few other examples.

This week, Bill Bernstein, author of a few notable investment books also joined the Morningstar podcast The Long View to discuss a few things.

Bill and the host dug into their memories of past star managers that fall from grace, and one who still does well to this day. Start at 26 min.

I do not know whether Cathie Woods is the next Garrett Van Wagoner or Helen Young Hayes or Will Danoff, but if you are thinking of concentrating due to your confidence in one person/team, take note of this.

You only live one life, and you cannot rewind and shift your decision.

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